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This is a page dedicated to all you marvellous storytellers and drama lovers out there, whether you have come to a RED PHOENIX workshop, had a go at some of the activities on the Activity page, or just want to share your talents, then this is the page just for you to do it! If youíve sent something in, and itís not on the page, donít worry it will be soon, keep checking.

Robert Buchan, aged 6, from Portsmouth, had a go at the "Missing Words" story on the activity page, here is what he came up with!

Once upon a time the lands lived in fear because of the evil dragon called Hexy, who lived in the dark forest. The nearby villagers were terrified of the evil dragon and life was filled with having to do lots of jobs for the evil dragon such like doing his washing and even worst still his hoovering.

What they needed was someone to stand up to Hexy, but no one was brave enough until one day while working in the laundry doing the washing, an otherwise unnoticeable soul named Ben had had enough! It was time to do something, and that is what best-friends are really good at, so calling up Jack, they set about making plans.

Sat in Benís room they looked around for things to help thins on their quest. There was a trunk but it was too heavy to carry, then they saw a blow up baseball bat but as fun as it was it would not be much use against the evil dragon. Finally they packed a bag with magic beans, swords, a shield, armour, and finally some strawberry jam and marmite sandwiches in case they got hungry. Looking around one last time they left the village and began their journey to the dark forest.

Soon the bitter winds began to howl and the trees creaked loudly around them, a wolf cried in the distant but it was not distant enough for our brave heroes liking. The snow fell not gently as it so often does, but sped into their faces stinging and biting. Ben was beginning to wish that they had bought with them the umbrella, and Ben was just wishing they stayed at home. At that very moment all other thoughts disappeared as through the blizzard they could suddenly see eyes all around them, staring at them. Soon it was not only the cold freezing them to the spot, but fear as well. They opened the bag and desperately fumbled for something which could save them, grabbing hold of something, Jack pulled it from the bag and waved it around at the surrounding trolls. However what had been pulled from the bag was a sandwich, oh dear things were going from bad to worst! But all around them they heard laughter, the surrounding trolls had found it so funny that they could not stop laughing, in fact their sides began it split! Everything they had eaten last night for tea, like bogey soup and jellied toads, spilled out on to the floor. Our brave heroes, Ben and Jack, quickly carried on their journey before anyone saw they were gone.

However, the evil dragon sees everything and knew that they were coming closer, but no threat was too great. Letting fourth a terrible shout, Hexy decided to meet the two foolish heroes, and set off to Fire Rock which is known as being the most dangerous place in the land, because of the very hot flames. This would be a fitting end for anyone as stupid as these two.

As the two left the trees behind they saw a terrible dark figure waiting ahead of them. They looked around and knew they were at Fire Rock, and this was the evil Hexy waiting for them. Ben started to wish that mum was there with a nice mug of coco and a chocolate biscuit, but when your tummy gets so jumbley a biscuit really does not seem so nice.

An evil smile spread across Hexyís face, but Jack shouted ĎWeíre not scared of you, youíre just a bully!í. Ben was still too busy thinking about the chocolate biscuit, when suddenly the evil dragon jumped forward and growled in their faces. A foul breath surged fourth and bits of breakfast landed on our heroes. EEEEEEEEK! They were about to turn and run, when something very strange happened. It started in their boots and went up their legs to their knees, into their bellies, up their backs and into their heads. A feeling of bravery filled them and was worn on their faces deeper than their skin, with heroism burning in their eyes they pulled out from the bag the shield and drew their swords.

The evil Hexy was stunned, no one had ever tried to challenge the dragon and now these two were going to try and defeat their enemy with swords in their hands. The heroes quickly set to work, and defend as the evil Hexy might the heroes were too quick. The battle raged and each side took its turn at looking likely to be victorious. Yet with one quick movement Hexy fell to the floor, Ben & Jack stood over the vanquished. Life would never be the same again, the triumphant Ben & Jack imprisoned the now sobbing Hexy forever, and later went home for a champion's tea of chicken nuggets & chips and chocolate sponge & custard!!!!!!

By Robert Buchan, Aged 6, From Portsmouth

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