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Workshops can be presented in 1hr, half day (2.5hrs), full day, two days, and week long formats. Obviously certain subjects lend themselves to particular time frames. Workshops can also be offered so that they occur once or twice a week over longer periods of time (i.e. 6-8 weeks) to fit in with client projects.


Discover simple but effective techniques that will aid confidence telling tales, remembering stories, and creating your own fables. Storytelling has been proven to aid learning in reading and writing skills, problem solving techniques, and memory.


Fun active workshops which can be aimed at improving drama skills, or focused on building confidence, cooperation and communication, using theatre games and exercises.


This workshop is great for classrooms, education sites, libraries, museums and children’s parties as it uses active learning by mixing art and storytelling. Suitable to be combined with a range of themes and projects, the participants create a craft in the first part of the workshop which is then used within the story in the second part, or to create a brand new story.


This week long workshop is built around the participants, using their ideas to construct a play from scratch. With guidance, it is up to the participants to write, perform, direct, organise and produce the performance and all supporting materials (tickets, programmes, costumes, props, set etc...)


Nearly any themed subject can be explored by using performance games and exercises. Whether to build personal and social skills, or to role play situations that might affect the participants, or support their learning, workshops are an effective way to add a practical element to any subject.


Can be stand alone performance, or incorporated into a workshop. These tales can be themed, educational or just for fun. Watch the story through once, and then get the chance to change it and take on the lead role.

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