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These storytelling shows are available to be booked for parties, corporate events, story clubs and festivals. For approximate times and appropriate ages see show details. Click on the flyers below to see the full pdf version.

  1. The Crown of Feathers and Fins - 1.30hr plus interval. 14yrs +. Information for Promotors and EPK for Press and Media
  2. Hunting the Big Bad Wolf - 1hr. 15yrs +
  3. Hold on to your Knickers - 1.30hr plus interval. 18yrs +

    1. Link to pdf flyer of The Crown and Feathers and Fins. When greed and jealousy rule the Kingdom the fate of land is in the hands of unlikely heroes shaped by fire and water as phoenix grace the skies, mermaids swim the seas and creatures talk and dance. New for 2013 Red Phoenix Storytelling presents a new music and storytelling show created by Chris Secker and Terrie Howey. Running time 1.30hr with interval Link to pdf flyer of Hunting the Big Bad Wolf. What is it that makes you tremble? The Big BadWolf is just one of the many cloaks Fear uses to disguise itself but what ever form fear takes it can halt you in your tracks. We canít always out run it, but we can learn to over come it. Through stories Red Phoenix tracks down fearís many faces and by confronting it, exposing it, and tricking it we can conquer it using laughter, foolishness and cunning. Running time 1hr Hold to your Knickers. Mischief and Mayhem are two storytellers who don't believe stories are just for children. Join in as they drum up their usual bout of havoc to tell tales just for adults. Kinickers, much like stories hold the deepest truth about all the intimate moments in our lives, loves, and dirty secrets, so expect an evening which will spin you through myth and mirth, laughter and legends, and remember to... 'Hold on to your Knickers!'
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