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BA (Hons) First Drama and Theatre Arts, specialising in Dramaturgy
Arts Award Advisor, Trinity College, London
Winston Churchill Fellow 2012
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Terrie Howey is better known as storyteller Red Phoenix, and has been performing and facilitating performance workshops since 1992. She founded Red Phoenix Storytelling & Productions in 2007 and as Artistic Director, Terrie has shared her love of storytelling and made it accessible to a wide range of audiences, whilst supporting and developing up and coming tellers. Terrie is an Arts Award Advisor for Trinity College London, an international initiative for young people 7 - 25yrs to gain qualifications and gain experience in the arts. She is a member of the Society for Storytelling, Equity and a Winston Churchill Fellow. She has an enhanced CRB and Public Liability.

Specialising in Dramaturgy while studying Drama and Theatre Arts at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Terrie, followed a personal focused study into storytelling (taking full advantage of being just round the corner from the Scottish Storytelling Centre) for which she was awarded a First with Hons. Her academic career researching storytelling has continued, and she is currently studying a PhD in applied storytelling at Loughborough University.

In 2012 Terrie became a Winston Churchill Fellow, and got the oppurtunity to travel across America and Canada to work with and be inspired by storytellers like; Csenge Zalka, Dale Jarvis, Dan Yashinsky, Jan Andrews, Jane Crouse, Jennifer Cayley, Judy Sima, Juidth Heineman, Karen Chace, Kevin Cordi, Marylyn Perringer, Molly Sutkaitis, Robert Greygrass, Ruthanne Edward, and Wavy Gravy.

Terrie’s career has led her to perform and lead workshops all over the world, and she creates her own original tales as well as researching and drawing from historical sources. These experiences have led to a broad repertoire of stories and projects which are being added to all the time as new challenges arise.

Currently Terrie is a resident storyteller and Education Officer at the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, besides the many performances in schools, museums, historical sites, festivals and other venues and events. Terrie is a performer, educator, writer and dramaturg, offering her skills freelance besides utilising them in her own performances and workshops.

“one of England's best-known storytellers”

The Guardian Newspaper, Dec 2010
Chris Secker playing a three string strum stick


Chris is a trained youth worker, artist and talent musicain who plays a wide range of world instruments. Chris is the music director and musician of The Crown of Feathers and Fins, and further music and storytelling shows and workshops which are currently in development.

"Chris has been amazing to work with during the creation of 'The Crown of Feathers and Fins'every time we came to a new scene he'd ask 'so what is happening in this bit', I'd make a few suggestions and suddenly he would create the perfect piece of music. He has been a great laugh and very inspiring to work with."

Belinda McKenna


BA (Hons) Education and English Literature
NLP Master Practitioner
Nominated Best Newcomer in the 2012 British Awards for Storytelling Excellence
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Belinda's portfolio

Belinda leapt into the world of storytelling in October 2009 and has rapidly progressed from listener to playfully, energetic performer. She is interested in a wide variety of story genres, and is fearless in the face of taking on new challenges. She has already become a Halloween family tradition at Marwell Zoo and most recently performed Burlesque Storytelling at The MAC Theatre as part of a variety show.

Belinda has facilitated storytelling coaching workshops for Surrey Storytellers Guild and storytelling workshops for children with Red Phoenix, she is also the Secretary for the Young Storyteller of the Year committee. She has trained with professional storytellers Janet Dowling, Roi Gal-Or, Graham Langley, Michael Harvey, Taffy Thomas MBE, Shonaleigh Cumbers, Alexander McKenzie, Vivienne Gladwell, Hugh Lupton and Giles Abbott.

When asked, why be a storyteller? Belinda replied;

"I just love to play and storytelling is my favourite game, whether it is larking with little lovelies or flattering flirty fellows; it's all just fun to me. Yet working with severely disable adults or sick children sets my soul on fire, it's so rewarding being reminded that the smallest sliver of connection with another person can feel more wonderful than winning an Olympic gold. There is no other job more addictive, heartbreaking, astoundingly-rewarding, and fantastically-terrifying than being a storyteller. I can't imagine wanting to be anything else.”

Mischief and Mayhem, the Havoc Sisters


When storytellers Belinda McKenna and Terrie Howey join forces chaos ensues mixing storytelling, clowning and imporvisation with myth and moral, laughter and legends. Alot of storytelling is usually done by just one teller, so it is double the fun... or is it double the trouble when these two get together? Belinda and Terrie first met in 2009 at the Surrey Storytelling Guild's 'Waxing Lyrical' story coaching sessions, and immediately they hit it off, and almost as quickly built a reputation as the cheeky duo of the SSG.

Terrie Howey writing with her dog and cat supervising


Boris and Merlin are the real driving force behind Red Phoenix Storytelling (well, keeping them in doggie treats and catnip is an expensive business). Boris always ensures performance quality by keenly watching rehearsals, hiding behind the sofa during scary bits and bouncing up and down at the exciting moments (he is also quite vocal when he thinks I've got the story wrong). Merlin is key in the administration of Red Phoenix Storytelling, making sure laps are kept warm whilst researching and that the paperwork is quite literally 'chewed' over.

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