“Mystery, atmosphere, anticipation, intrigue - these are words which children cannot spell, however once they have discovered Red Phoenix they will know what these words mean, as they will have felt it! The experience enables the children to use their imagination to really be part of the stories.”

Gwen, Butser Ancient Farm

Be it "Myth Smith", word-weaving, or yarn-spinning, call it what you will, storytelling is an amazing tool from the classroom to the workplace, enhancing creative thinking, problem solving, communication skills and cooperation. Whether for entertainment, education, therapy or career progression, storytelling and performance skills can open up a world of imagination, enjoyment and self learning to everyone.

The Red StoryTent, with blankets, cushions and fabric hangings
The Red Story Tent is available to
book for open air performances.

Red Phoenix offers a range of performances and workshops from bespoke events to ready made packages, suitable for private functions, schools, libraries, museums, historic sites, festival, exhibitions, as well as publicity and cooperate events. All performances and workshops are available with supporting supplements.

Extra supplements to support workshops and performances

To supplement any performance (or aid other peoples events) Red Phoenix Storytelling & Productions can offer:

  • Proposals: Ideas and suggestions for various projects which could be created specifically for any site or client’s needs. It includes an outline of the project, advertising material (such as promotional images and blurbs), time scale, quotes on costs, and any other additional information.
  • Production reports: A detailed research into the background of any particular play, or proposed production, including information on playwright, culture or society in connection with the production. It also reviews pros and cons of approaching the project in particular ways.
  • Programmes: a thin booklet which gives more info about the subject matter being performed and those performing, it can also include advertising.
  • Information/ Education/Press Packs: these packs are aimed at specific readers and can take the form of hard copies (paper booklets) or CD ROM.
    • Information Packs are aimed at the general audience and gives more in-depth information relating to the performers and performance subject matter than a programme (such as history, social and culture context and contemporary comparisons).
    • Education Packs are intended to aid and support students and teachers in their studies based around the performance. The pack contains similar content to the information pack, but focuses on student and/or teacher lead projects, educational puzzles and reading lists so the students can do their own research.
    • Press Packs are only normally used if the performance will be attained by members of the press. Designed to attract journalists and improve likelihood of review, it includes all the information the journalist needs to about the performance such as: a brief history of the performance, publicity pictures, performer backgrounds, a synopsis of the show, any advertisement to be used, and favourable quotes from past reviews.
  • Marketing: This is the advertisement, how to get audiences to attend the performance. From creating posters and fliers, to placing adverts in the local press and radio stations. Even looking at getting coverage from local TV or inviting the press along, and how to look for sponsors or local business which can be collaborated with, or create audience feedback.
  • Script development or Adaptation: Script development is a process by which a writer sometimes needs a little help to attain the best from their work. By breaking down the writing process and looking in-depth to the separate elements (such as plot, sub-plot, characters, world of the story, and dialogue) each part can be refined and reviewed to produce a higher standard script. Adaptation is taking anything from a song, picture or already existing story and recreating it in the form of performance.
  • Workshops: These can be educational or recreational and can centre around a particular performance (usually happening immediately pre or post show), theme or subject matter. Usually these can last between 30mins to all day, depending on class size, age and subject of workshop.

For any more information on any of the items listed on this page or how Red Phoenix can provide any of these services for your event, please just contact

Creating an event? Looking for ideas? 2013 is:
The international year of Air,
The 200th anniversary of the Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice,
60 years since the discovery of the double helix in DNA,
50 years since Martin Luther King's 'Dream' speech, John F Kennedy's death, and the 1st episode of Dr Who.

a golden crown made of feathers and fins
Animal Tails logo


These storytelling shows are available to be booked for parties, corporate events, story clubs and festivals. For approximate times and appropriate ages see show details. Click on the flyers below to see the full pdf version.

  1. The Crown of Feathers and Fins - 1.30hr plus interval. 14yrs +
  2. Hunting the Big Bad Wolf - 1hr. 15yrs +
  3. Hold on to your Knickers - 1.30hr plus interval. 18yrs +

    1. Link to pdf flyer of Crown and Feathers and Fins. When greed and jealousy rule the Kingdom the fate of land is in the hands of unlikely heroes shaped by fire and water as phoenix grace the skies, mermaids swim the seas and creatures talk and dance. New for 2013 Red Phoenix Storytelling presents a new music and storytelling show created by Chris Secker and Terrie Howey. Running time 1.20hr with interval Link to pdf flyer of Hunting the Big Bad Wolf. What is it that makes you tremble? The Big BadWolf is just one of the many cloaks Fear uses to disguise itself but what ever form fear takes it can halt you in your tracks. We can’t always out run it, but we can learn to over come it. Through stories Red Phoenix tracks down fear’s many faces and by confronting it, exposing it, and tricking it we can conquer it using laughter, foolishness and cunning. Running time 1hr Hold to your Knickers. Mischief and Mayhem are two storytellers who don't believe stories are just for children. Join in as they drum up their usual bout of havoc to tell tales just for adults. Kinickers, much like stories hold the deepest truth about all the intimate moments in our lives, loves, and dirty secrets, so expect an evening which will spin you through myth and mirth, laughter and legends, and remember to... 'Hold on to your Knickers!'


a carved pumpkin showing a witch and cauldron
a snowy woodland


These performances are only available for limited times during the year.


As the world awakens from its winter sleep, celebrate the return of warm days and new beginnings with fresh stories, bound to get your imagination budding!
1st February - end of April


As the warm days pass, settle down with the best of harvest and autumn tales, filled with rich rewards, scarecrows, and the turning colours of the trees.
Late August - Mid October


When the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, who knows what creatures stalk the night! Hear tales which will have you howling with fun and fright!
Mid October - Mid November


Snuggle down and get cosy with these heart warming stories of winter, filled with magic, gifts and joy.
Mid November - 12th Night


woodland glen with fairies
Animal Tails logo


Stories told just for fun, suitable for festivals, private functions (birthday parties) and pure entertainment.


We can learn a lot from nature, and animals have inspired many a tale, whether as furry friends or four-legged fiends. These old and new stories are filled with joy, morals, and silliness.


These tales have been told for thousands of years, and will have you travelling epic journeys through Ancient worlds filled with mighty battles, ancient Gods, magic, giants, fairy folk, fantastical beasts, brave heroes, mystical villains and wise fish. Tales of the ancient Celtic, Greek, Roman, Norse and Arthurian legends.


Rediscover old favourites and hear ones you may not know with this selection of traditional tales filled with fairy Godmothers, Elves, Bogarts, good deeds and happy ever afters.


Gather round the poop deck to hear salty sea stories and sing shanties about ocean going rogues and adventures on the high seas.


Ever listened to a story or seen an adventure and wished to be part of it? These shows set up an adventure that relies upon audience participation to solve puzzles and challenges to complete the story and finish the show. Incorporates teamwork and problem solving.


Aimed at Adults, these are stories you would never hear on Jackanory

  1. Hunting the Big Bad Wolf 2012/13 Tour
  2. Hold on to your Knickers 2011 Tour

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Iron age round house
Arts Awards Logo


All shows can be supported with education packs, workshops and pre/post show exercises and projects. Storytelling and theatre can also open up many areas of education, whether as a tool to explore other curriculums or as a subject in its own right.


Learn about cultures of the past and the societies they lived in by hearing their stories, discover what they wore, ate, and how they lived.

  1. Iron Age Britain (in conjunction with Butser Ancient Farm)
  2. Roman (in conjunction with Butser Ancient Farm)
  3. Ancient Greek (including Olympics)
  4. Dark Ages
  5. Vikings
  6. Medieval
  7. Tudor & Stuarts
  8. Plague Days
  9. Witch trails of Britain
  10. Pirates & Smugglers
  11. Charles Darwin
  12. The Titanic 2012, 100th Anniversary
  13. Grimm Fairy Tales 2012, 200th Anniversary


Join Red Phoenix on her amazing magic carpet ride! Sit on a real Persian carpet and travel with Red all around the world using the magic of imagination and stories. There are many wonderful locations to hear about, you pick the place and Red will tell the tale. Great for Primary years learning.


RED PHOENIX is a registered centre to provide Bronze and Silver Arts Awards, which are recognise as a national qualifications and if run in conjunction with schools and education centres, can count towards GCSE and A levels. Below is quoted from the Arts Award website

"Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England. Through Arts Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, young people aged 11-25 can explore any of the art forms including performing arts, visual arts, literature, media and multimedia. The award builds confidence, helps young people to enjoy cultural activities, and prepares them for further education or employment. Arts Award supports young people to develop creative and leadership skills. The award is a personal learning programme which develops and assesses both arts-related and transferable skills, such as creativity, communication, planning and teamwork"


People crawling on the floor
theatre masks on a red velvet curtain


Workshops can be presented in 1hr, half day (2.5hrs), full day, two days, and week long formats. Obviously certain subjects lend themselves to particular time frames. Workshops can also be offered so that they occur once or twice a week over longer periods of time (i.e. 6-8 weeks) to fit in with client projects.


Discover simple but effective techniques that will aid confidence telling tales, remembering stories, and creating your own fables. Storytelling has been proven to aid learning in reading and writing skills, problem solving techniques, and memory.


Fun active workshops which can be aimed at improving drama skills, or focused on building confidence, cooperation and communication, using theatre games and exercises.


This workshop is great for classrooms, education sites, libraries, museums and children’s parties as it uses active learning by mixing art and storytelling. Suitable to be combined with a range of themes and projects, the participants create a craft in the first part of the workshop which is then used within the story in the second part, or to create a brand new story.


This week long workshop is built around the participants, using their ideas to construct a play from scratch. With guidance, it is up to the participants to write, perform, direct, organise and produce the performance and all supporting materials (tickets, programmes, costumes, props, set etc...)


Nearly any themed subject can be explored by using performance games and exercises. Whether to build personal and social skills, or to role play situations that might affect the participants, or support their learning, workshops are an effective way to add a practical element to any subject.


Can be stand alone performance, or incorporated into a workshop. These tales can be themed, educational or just for fun. Watch the story through once, and then get the chance to change it and take on the lead role.



Red Phoenix can offer a range of Corporate events from after dinner performances to workshops including creative training, communication skills and much much more. For more information on how these could benefit your company to reach new targets please contact Red Phoenix, POST: Red Phoenix Storytelling & Productions, South Down House, Station Road, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 3ET.


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