The 17th Annual National Storytelling Week is Saturday January 28th to Saturday February 4th 2017

World Storytelling Day 20th March (2017's theme is Transformation)


On The Verge - Underpasses Project

Revitalising the underpasses connecting the areas of Connieburrow, Downs Barns, Fishermead, and Oldbrook in Milton Keynes. Facilitating workshops in local schools informing pupils of the local heritage, history and urban geography of the area and uses these to create myths and legends centralised on the centre of Milton Keynes and the children as heroes. Linked to MK50


Developing school pupil's sense of place through creative exploration of the area of Milton Keynes over the pass 50 years, and using this to develop ideas about what the next 50 years may have in store the New Town. Three artists, Creative writer - Lynette Hill, Storyteller - Red Phoenix, and Visual Artist - Dan Webb, lead workshops where pupils explore their ideas for the future creatively. Linked to MK50.

Magdalen Tower

Working with The Living Archive, Red Phoenix is facilitating workshops based around the history of the Magdalen Tower in Stony Stratford. Once a Church, all that is left now is the tower and the grave yard. The development of an education pack, and filming with ACT OUT & ACT UP youth drama groups will tel the story of the tower and its connection to the town, and leave a leagcy of the project for the people of Stony Stratford and the local areas.



Red Phoenix dressed in Iron Age clothing and with a wreath of evergreens upon her head

Butser Ancient Farm, near Petersfield, Hampshire

2pm, 19th December 2016

Red Phoenix will be telling festive tales and honouring the ancestral traditions in story, song and celebration. Help choose the mock Winter King and defeat the cold with mirth, merriment and mid-winter mystery.

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