What is a Dramaturg?

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Dramaturgy is still relatively unheard of in British theatre, but dramaturgs are incrediably useful to involve in any performance art.

Dramaturgs, right from the outset of any performance project, act as guide, peacemaker and intermediary. Most usually found working with theatre productions, a dramaturg supports everyone’s job; the playwright, director, actor, designer, producer, and stage manager. By understanding all these roles, the dramaturg can offer assist and mediate between all aspects needed to create a production and keep the ever turning wheels of the performance well oiled.However, more often these days dramaturgs can be found working with other performance art forms, such as dance, stand-up and storytellers.

In fact there are many links between the role of Dramaturg and Storyteller, from the approach in their work to the roles they need to do; such as picking the story, researching and adapting. For more information on Dramaturgy and its links with Storytelling please read my article 'A Rose by any other name; Dramaturgy and Storytelling'.

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