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The Crown of Feathers and Fins is available to be booked for parties, corporate events, story clubs and festivals.

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The Performers:

Red Phoenix telling stories

Terrie Howey is the storyteller Red Phoenix, with 20 years’ experience performing and leading workshops around the world. Terrie set up her own storytelling company, Red Phoenix Storytelling and Productions, in 2007 through which she has performed to ages young and old and all abilities in educational institutes, tourist attractions, pubs and clubs, festivals and conferences. In 2012 Terrie was awarded the Winston Churchill Fellowship for researching youth storytelling mentoring schemes in America and Canada.

Chris Secker holding his three string guitar

Chris Secker is a multi-instrumentalist who has a passion for strange and unusual instruments from all over the globe. He has played in numerous bands and is skilled composer and improviser, especially when capturing the emotions within stories and bringing to life the characters and landscapes. He has received rave reviews and commendations from the storytelling community for his musical collaborations.

The Show:

The Blurb:
The Crown of Feathers and Fins is the journey of two brothers as different as chalk and cheese. In a landscape where greed and jealously rule the Kingdom the fate of land is in the hands of our unlikely heroes. The story is one of magic, wonder, Phoenix filled skies, mermaids, and creatures who talk and dance, all in a bid to aid the brothers discover their full potential. A tale of fantasy, adventure and love for adults derived from old Manx and Russian stories, this is a new music and storytelling performance created by Chris Secker and Terrie Howey for Red Phoenix Storytelling.

The Outline:
Finlo and Odo Paden are the sons of Old Creenan a fisherman on the Isle of Man who wants nothing more than his sons to follow him into the family trade, but Finlo dreams of being a hero and Odo dreams of wealth and riches. When Finlo goes off to follow his dreams he embarks on an adventure which sees him teaming up with a talking horse and learns to fear, love and trust when he is caught between the tyranny of a black hearted King and a mysterious Princess. Odo, who remains at home, discovers he is a terrible fisherman and despite all good intentions seems to disappoint all those around him. With the aid of a mermaid, a fiddle playing cat and a dancing mouse and cockroach he finds his courage to seize his dreams and much more besides. When both brothers are reunited they are no longer a humble fisherman’s sons, but noble Kings united by not only blood, but loss and good fortune.

Running Time; 1hr 30 with interval approximately half way.

Recommended audience age; Adults and young people over 14yrs


Reviews and Testimonials:

Honor Giles and Helen Stewart, Word of Mouth, Manchester:
Crown of Feathers and Fins Premiered at Word of Mouth, Manchester, The Crown of Feathers and Fins is a charming and skilfully woven tapestry of words and music. An intricate tale of Manx origin featuring Odo and Finlo Padden, a magical, straight-talking horse and their individual quests to find happiness, love and good fortune. Terrie brought colour as well as sensitivity to the tale, including some surprise elements which our Manchester audience enjoyed immensely; including an enthusiastic re-creation of the stallholders in the market. Terrie controlled the crowd admirably and brought us back to the story. Chris's accompaniment was subtle and very effective and his star-role as The Talking Horse added greatly to the performance.

Janet Dowling, Red Herring Storynights & Three Heads in a Well, Surrey Storytellers Guild, Surrey:
Terrie Howey brings you the story of The Crown of Feathers and Fins. Two brothers who go out to find their destiny - in greatly different ways. Terrie very deftly sets the scene, using both her bodhran and the music of the talented Chris Secker to pace the story and add dramatic impetus. Her style of telling has greatly matured with this piece - offering a fuller emotional range from the very energetic flair that we know so well from Terrie, to the softer emotional depths where her telling finds a new elegance. Chris's interventions as a intermittent but major character, bring a sense of raw humour that blends with Terrie's chic. An exciting show, and well worth seeing.

Audience Comments:

  • What a sizzling performance! The music brings atmosphere and texture to superb words weaving eloquence and together creates a magical fun packed, thought provoking journey, it was brilliant.
  • Absolutely beautifully presented, with glorious Celtic design as backdrop, prefect storytelling, illuminated wonderfully by the stick guitar.
  • A night to remember. Spell-binding.
  • Enchanting and enthralling one of the best storytelling acts I've seen.
  • A perfect and inspiring blend of word, melody and rhythm.
  • It was a performance more wonderful than wonderful.
  • Passionately told, good dynamics, captivating.

The Technical Requirements:

What we require from venue:

  • A performance space no smaller than 2m x 2m
  • Access to at least one standard plug socket
  • Two chairs without arms
  • Something to tie backdrop (3m x 2m) on to (optional)
  • Access to venue at least 1hr prior to doors opening for set-up and sound check.
  • Lighting for both the performance space and audience space (audience space can be dimmer than the performance, but it is essential that the performers can see the audience)
  • We prefer the audience seating lead out in a cabaret style, but understand this is not possible at all venues

What we will bring with us:

  • Two performers
  • 1 large amp (require mains power)
  • 1 three string guitar
  • 1 large bodhran and stand
  • 1 backdrop 3m x 2m which can to tied in place (optional)

We have Public Liability insurance up to £10,000,000 provided through Equity membership.

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