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Red Phoenix Storytelling and Productions came into being in October 2007 and the first performance of the new company was 26th October at Butser Ancient Farm for Halloween, or Samhain (the old new year and Celtic festival) as it is referred to at the farm - an archaeological research centre.

Terrie Howey created Red Phoenix Storytelling and Productions to promote the art of storytelling, support new and young tellers and to create a company in which a flexible approach to performance storytelling could be cultivated. Terrie named the company after her pseudo-name 'Red Phoenix' (she was so dubbed by colleagues when she needed a 'performance-name' whilst being a street teller in Edinburgh) the name coming about due to Terrie's flaming locks.

Nothing brings people together more than a story, and nothing travels faster, connecting people around the world, which is why our motto is 'Stories will Travel'.

Mission Statement

Red Phoenix Storytelling and Productions is devoted to developing creative, innovative and quality storytelling performances and workshops. Our mission is to promote the art of storytelling from the local community to the international stage and to encourage new and youth storytellers to develop their own practice.

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